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Project Sunset kicked off for students in Mrs. Lee‚Äôs Gr 7 class, Mrs. Lachapelle‚Äôs Gr 5/6 class and Mrs. Boyd‚Äôs Gr 8 class at New Prospect School on March 22, 2017 with the In-School programming. Every Wednesday, the Youth Engagement Coordinator would meet with community partners and facilitate experiential learning activities during classroom time that focus on building life skills. 

After school programming began on April 19, 2017. These sessions have all been adventure based activities that focus on team building and life skills while reinforcing traditional values such as family, community, service and appreciation for the natural world.

Through participation by choice students have taken part in community service activities, have learned about aboriginal art and culture, and have had opportunities to develop trusting relationships with adults.

Some activities that the students have participated in are:

  • Planting vegetable and flower gardens
  • Canoeing 
  • Fire safety training
  • Swimming 
  • Hiking 


Summer programming is in full-swing now and we are ready to deliver some fun and experiential programming for the students.