Young people need nutrition education to help them develop lifelong healthy eating patterns.  With help from our friends at the Northwestern Health Unit (, Project Sunset provides healthy foods consistent with school food and beverage policies.  Project Sunset events are ideal settings for nutrition education for several reasons:

Project Sunset uses strengths-based approaches to work with schools in reaching almost all children and adolescents to model healthy lifestyles and behaviours.

Project Sunset provides practical opportunities and mentorship to youth in practicing healthy preparation and eating.

Project Sunset team members teach youth how to resist social pressures, including eating behaviours. Together, with community stakeholders, we acknowledge and address peer pressure that discourages healthy eating while harnessing the power of peer pressure to reinforce healthy behaviours.

And, Project Sunset can take lessons one step further with our Community Service Ethic Component!  We work with youth to build their understanding of food sustainability through our community garden projects!